Random post and more new stuff.


So I've kind of gotten into the whole blogging thing again hence the post after post thing you see going on. Lately I've been shopping a lot. I have no idea what it is, but I feel the need to buy something whenever I'm in a make-up store. A couple days ago I was in need of a new mascara because I left mine at my sister's place; I walked into superdrug the following day and ended up getting a couple more items which I'm glad I bought. I found this awesome face primer with shimmer in it. It gives the most amazing glow and leaves your make-up looking fresh and dewy. Also a couple eye shadows by MUA. If you haven't heard about MUA I'll tell you now they're a make-up brand who give you good quality products at incredibly affordable prices. I got each eye-shadow for a pound so it cost me £3 for all of them - isn't that amazing? The eye-shadows are extremely pigmented and long-lasting. So, if you're in need of some mac dupes check out MUA.  

A lot of new make up products hitting the shelves so be sure to take a look whenever you're in town
I hope you enjoyed this post. Good night everyone and enjoy the weekend ahead. 

Singular compact eyeshadows MUA
Bronzer shade 4
NYC - Lengthening mascara
Nude Lipstick shade 14 MUA
NYC skin smothing perfector face primer 

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