A/W 2012 Makeup trends


Nude lips, smouldering eyes, coral cheeks, plum lips, spider lashes, golden shadows...these are the looks we love to see on the runway. As the green leaves turn burnt orange and rusty brown, the trend sets in. I have always loved these kind of colours as I'm a lover of warms and nudes. During this time of the year there's rarely much colour incorporated into a look. However, there will be key features that tend to stand out. For instance, I love to wear a plum lip when I've spidered up my lashes; or coral cheeks and nude lips. Combining colours that create immense contrast when paired together is always a good thing towards the latter part of the year. 

To achieve this look you need to be a minimalist. The cake faced look is a no no. I'd suggest a compact powder or oil créme foundation for that soft matte look. 

You want to avoid shine as it makes you look sweaty. Stay away from false lashes...Natural lashes are beautiful whether long or short and look nice when paired with a bold lip. 

When creating a smokey eye you want to stick to warm earthy colours like brown, beige, olive, coral, dark brown etc. Using these colours will add a warm glow to your eyes and give you that natural look. 

With lips I'd definitely suggest sticking to nudes, plums and dark reds. These colours are perfect for that autumn look. If you want to add  a bit of colour to your face plums and reds are the way to go. They bring out the shape of your lips and give you that striking 30's look.

1. sleek blush in coral
2. beauty UK eyeshadow palette earthy
3. Claire's golden eyeshadow quad.
4. Oil creme foundation in caramel by sleek
5. Black cherry - revlon
6. bella - 17
7. shimmery warm nude gloss from primark 

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