Don't you love the soft feel of new bristles?


I've been telling myself for decades that I need a new brush set but never really got round to it. It was one of those things you store in the deepest, darkest part of your mind and just forget - though it's still there. So I finally decided to take a look on ebay as I'd watched loads of tutorials on brushes from this company. 
I placed an order for the 12 brush set and they came through about two days after. So far, I'm pleased with the set. 
It's very practical; you can throw it in your hand bag and touch up your make up whenever you want. 
The bristles are not harsh on my skin at all as the hairs are rather soft which is perfect for application. 
I found they put in the most used brushes which I liked. It's not a brush set filled with tons of brushes you'll never use.

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  1. Wasn't it you on x-factor yesterday? I thought you were a great singer if it was you x