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Hello dolls,

So I'm back again, and this time with a fun, girly tutorial. I haven't put much effort into my appearance lately so I thought 'Wait a minute! why don't you do a girly makeup tutorial' I've been so busy that I forgot the joys of being a girl, pink, pink and pink galore!!! Ahhh I love being a girl don't you? I mean the hair do's, the clothes, the pink lipsticks, glitter pigments...Oh dear do not get me started honey! I know these things seem trivial lol but they do add to the joys of being a girl. I'm sure we all know that feeling you get when you've just got a manicure, new weave, or MAC FOUNDATION!  lol So this look is a mixture of silver and browns which I've been into a whole lot lately. I've funked it up with a warm pink on my lips. This look was inspired by the metallic colours I've been into lately. I realised that metallic colours go nicely with nudes. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the tutorial. Have a nice week dolls. God bless 


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  1. My Gosh! You're sooo prettyy!! I've been following your blog and watching your videos for a while and you inspired me to make a blog. Although I can't do makeup cause I'm 15 and I don't work and I can't afford to buy much makeup cause it's rlly expensive here in Barbados. But one day! Haha. You're such an inspiration and you're only 17! Goodness I hope I can look as stunning as you do when I'm 17! Keep doing your thing girl! :)

    1. Thank you so much for your support. You have no Idea how much this means to me. I'm glad you've decided to do so. If you ever need help or advice with the blog just holla at me darl. It's beautiful people like you that keep me going. So thank you. <3 xx