Knocking on Heaven's door


Hello my loves, 

Lately, I've been feeling as though I'm on holiday in Greece. So much skin and shorts all about town. The joys of summer ey! I love it!  The warmth, the cool breeze, rays of sunshine, and need I mention the topless boys. Thanks to the amazing weather my friends and I have had an awesome week so far. Lazing about in the park and falling off the zip-wire being one of the highlights.  My outfits have been very light in colour and texture this week as it's been so so so hot!  Today I was inspired by Shirley. I was watching one of her videos and realised I had something similar to her outfit, but I wore heels instead. I must say my outfit today was girly and chique. Mainly centered around the bag I bought a couple of days ago. I love this bag. The pink is so neon and great for summer. Plus it was only a fiva! That's flipping fantastic if you ask me. 

Oh well, I hope you're all having an amazing week! After this post I am off to watch the apprentice. Lord knows I love that program and Lord Sugar. 

Take care dolls, 

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