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Hello dolls, 

I know it's been a really long time and I keep promising to update you all but I've been so busy, and lazy at the same time. I feel really bad for not keeping to my word. So this is the last time i will do this. I promise to update every week! Now that's out of the way, I've got a lot of stuff to share with you all. While I've been away I've purchased lots of products and so much has happened in such little time. 

So I think I might start with updating you all. At the moment I'm currently working at west one which is a female fashion retail store, so most of the time I'm there. Since I started working I've been tired my day goes like this : wake up. shower. work. home. eat. shower. bed. And then I'm at it again. Although I honestly do love it. The girls I work with are wonderful and make me feel like I've known them forever. 

I've done a lot of buying recently. Well, in my opinion I have l-o-l. I think it's cause my birthday was coming up which is now tomorrow - WHOOP - Finally eighteen. I went to oxford street last week to hunt for a birthday dress which was a complete fail. However, I did end up getting some other things. Now if you watch my videos and follow my blog you'll know I've always loved the natural makeup look. I feel it's a lot more realistic and definitely supports the notion that make up enhances natural beauty. While on oxford street I treated myself to a new foundation. 

Being the traditional freak I am I try to keep everything minimal. So when it comes to foundation I hate full coverage! I know it's nice to not have your blemishes seeping through your make up but I just can't stand the caked up look. I love the nice sheer glow you get from light coverage foundations. So I had made up my mind that I want the MAC face and body foundation. It's liquid based and gives a natural dewy look - which I love for summer. 

However, when I was attended to by a makeup artist she strongly suggested the mac studio sculpt foundation. I tried it out and it didn't look bad at the time, so I opted for it. I gave it a couple of days so that my feelings could sink in and came to a conclusion. I hate the foundation! I do not like it at all and would not recommend it if you like minimal or natural looking make up. So now I have a foundation I will rarely use. 'well done Shannelle'. 

Besides that terrible purchase everything else has been up my street. One of my favourites at the moment is Snob. The lipstick is gorgeous and much different to what I'm used to.  

All purchased from wilkinsons 

L to R : Beauty uk : In the buff, Primark : dark fuchsia, Beauty : uk Snob 

Top to Bottom: Snob, In the afternoon, Dark fucshia 

 see through patent bag - Primark 

Hopefully you enjoyed this post. Have a lovely week and stay blessed. 

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  1. I've been trying to be more adventurous with my make-up by trying different lipsticks but whenever I go to the shop, I'm always overwhelmed by all the different lipsticks haha! However, after reading this I'm gonna go out and buy that awesome dark fucshia colour!!! It's looks really beautiful with your skin btw and you're really pretty :)