Gorgeous chiffon & Glorious nudes.



The illuminated look has always been the classiest. Many trends have come and gone but this one remains. 

I have always had a flare for exquisite lace and ethereal nudes. The combination of the two make a striking outfit and never fail to please. I was at River Island earlier today and I must say, my inner goddess was rather bemused by the heavenly abode. Chiffon here, nude platforms there and in-between the whites and creams, glittery peaches and coffee dresses. And of course, me being me I just could not resist. 

The diamante detailing around the neckline was stunning. In my mind I pictured it with a pair of white jeans and nude heels. Picturesque! The moment I saw it on the rail I knew I was getting it. After all we all know how much I love my nudes. 

The lace crop top I wasn't so sure about at first, but then I tried it on and it looked lovely. I have tons of shorts I could pair it with, not to mention flats too. It's definitely Ideal for the summer. You could pair it up with a maxi and some litas and you're good to go. 

While I was about town running errands for mum I stopped by primark and got some sandals. They were chique and inexpensive - isn't that  a bargain? 

I have this feeling I'll find myself in River Island again lost in a world of nudes and chiffon. 

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