HOW TO | Sultry smokey eyes.


Hello my loves,

So I'm carrying on with my 'how to' series for beauty beginners. This episode is all about the smokey eye. Now smokey eyes are EVERYWHERE. Work, school, nights out, magazines, runway you name it, they will forever be in vogue. Personally, I like my smokey eye more on the soft sultry side as opposed to dark and edgy. So in this tutorial I will teach you how to do that. I stuck to a soft colour palette. When creating a smokey eye you need a variation of tones ranging from light to dark. This creates the illusion of depth. My tutorial is suited more for people with hooded eyes. In other words, people with heavy lids i.e you can't see your crease area. When creating a smokey eye you can start with the darkest or lightest colour on the lid and work your way on up from there. However, I prefer to start of with the lightest colour and build up from there.

I hope you find this tutorial useful. I am happy to take suggestions as to what I should shoot next for this series. A d.i.y, facial scrub, makeup tip, hair you name it and it's done.

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