May wishlist


Hello dolls,

So each month I'm gonna make a wish list. I will show you the products I've heard about and really want. The following month I will make a video reviewing the items I got from the wish list. This seems like a pretty fun idea to me and I don't think anyone has tried this out yet.
A lot of exciting Items this month. I'm a fan of pink and sparkles so do expect a lot of that on this wish list.

1. Clinique claryfying lotion. At the moment my skin is going through a rough patch. I'm suffering from eczema (Dry and flaky skin) which is really disgusting; and also, My t-zone is very OILY! I feel this cleansing lotion will help to revitalise my skin and keep it healthy. I miss my natural glow.

2.  Lancôme Rouge in love. I have read so many reviews about the new collection and judging from all the positive reviews these lipsticks are to die for! I just love the variation in colour ranging from cool red tones to warm nude pinks. It actually excites me. As you all know I am such a fan of lipsticks. I love love love them and where them all the time (well when I'm wearing makeup) lol. These lipsticks last for up to six hours and come in three incredible textures. Jolis Matins (Sweet Morning): Prêt à porter colour; fresh and wearable to bring out your playful side. Boudoir time: Vibrant and on-trend; chic colours you can wear day-to-night.
Tonight is My Night: Rich and sexy shades for your transformation into a seductress.I guess all these features make the lipstick all the more incredible and I have no doubt it'll be an unregrettable purchase. The colours I have my heart set out on are Rouge Valentine, Midnight Rose, and Rose Thé.

3.  Estee lauder Spring 2011 Wild violet lipstick collection. Their collection was absolutely gorgeous bursting with colour and full of amazing formulas. These lipsticks were definitely a major hit and I think they could still make a comeback this spring/summer.

4. Loreal Intense Felt tip eyeliner. I have heard and seen hundreds of beauty bloggers ranting about this amazing eyeliner. It's so easy to use and the consistency is amazing the formula is soft and makes perfect lines.   Isn't that amazing? No double lining just nice, quick and easy strokes. I think I was watching shirley's gel/eyeliner tutorial when I discovered this amazing eyeliner. It's on the top of my list and will definitely be one of the products I review. 

5. Revlon Photoready mousse Foundation. I haven't heard much about this foundation but I have seen tutorials where they were featured. I walked into Superdrug the other day and tested it out on the back of my palm. I loved the feel of the foundation it was soft and weightless. Also, it gave me a nice matte airbrushed look which I loved! I dont particularly like a dewy finish all the time. So I think it will be fun to try out this foundation. :) 

6. JC Foxy Platform Sandals. I have loved these babies since the day I watch shirley's Sparkle OOTD. Good heavens those shoes are beautiful! I have so many metallic and nude items that they'd go nicely with. Just thinking about it makes me shudder lol. What draws me in are the heels. I just love the idea of wooden heels it just gives the outfit this chique aura. 

7. Spiked denim jackets. These have been in vogue for a while now and it's about time I invested in one. I want to go through the trouble of making it myself :D so I bought a denim ombred jacket on ebay and some studs. When I'm ready I'll make a DIY video showing you guys what I'm doing and how I'm doing it :) 

8. Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat. This illuminating concealer has received so many good reviews it's a must have. It's a medium to full coverage concealer depending on how much is used and also has highlighting properties so it could be used as a highlighter as well. 

I would love to go on and on and share pictures of the things I may purchase but that list would never end lol so I'll stop here. Do make sure you check regularly for fashion and beauty updates. I will be doing reviews of the products I got in mid june. So do stay tuned for that. I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know if you would like more posts like this. Have a nice week ahead. It's 2:22am so I guess it's morning. But I'm off to bed my lovelies so Goodnight. Mwah!

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