TAG || What's in my make-up bag?


Hello my lovelies,

So I decided to do this tag after watching and enjoying other people do it. I got to know about a lot of great pieces which I intend to buy and when I do, you all will be the first to know. This tag was fun to do and is perfect for those viewers who are new to make up and not sure what products they need to start off their collection. As I had stated in the video, this isn't all of my make-up. The rest are in my drawers I just decided to show you my 'go to make-up bag' because it was just less effort. I've split the video into two parts because it was too long so the second part will be up by tomorrow. Thank you for reading my posts and keeping up to date with my blog. Love you all..


 Here are the swatches promised for the products in my make-up bag. I hope this helps you in building up your collection. :) 

1. Sweetheart by Sleek
2. Gossipgirl by BeautyUk
3. Paks cosmetics matte lipstick in colour 28
4. Black cherry by Revlon
5. Alarm by Rimmel
6.  Mauve it over by Revlon

1. Blush, coral by Sleek
2. Blush, royal rose by BeautyUK
3. Lilac, shade 4 by MUA
4. Blush, flamingo by Sleek

Thanks for reading 

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