New Year, New Blog...


Hello dolls, 

So I know you must all be thinking 'why delete the old one and start all over again?' Well to be completely honest, I felt I could have done it a lot better than I did. I felt like I wasn't giving it everything and also I wanted to start everything over in my life this year so it happened to be one of the many things in need of alteration. This year I'm going to be very dedicated towards it because fashion is my passion. I may not be a designer or a model or make up artist, but I know I love it, and for that reason I will be confident and share with you all my interests. This blog will feature make up tutorials, trends, regular updates on skin and hair care, outfit of the days, DIY tutorials and alot more. I will also - once in a while - post up a vlog so you guys can get to see me and what I'm like off camera. Hope you enjoy all I have to offer this year and most importantly I hope you see the changes that will be made. Good luck with the new year everyone :)



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