OOTD | Vintage feel


Hello everyone, 

I remember tweeting yesterday that I prefer the all white look to all black and I think that's what inspired my outfit today. I love the idea of everything being clean and crisp. I didn't take any actual shots of myself in the items but I did take pictures. You all know I love photography, even though I'm not a photographer I believe I do take nice pictures at times. It all just has to do with your feeling at that precise moment of taking a shot. You don't need to be a professional with an 18mp camera to take beautiful shots. I've always believed that it's a gift, it comes naturally. Whether you're using a canon, a camera phone, or a 5mp camera, a good picture is a good picture. I took these pictures using my samsung s1050, and I think they came out looking lovely. I did alter the colours a little bit by cross processing because I like the vintage feel it gives off. I hope you like the pictures, have a nice day. 



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  1. this is really nice n trust me u should consider photography :)
    i really like ur blog...everything has this nice vintage'ish feel :)
    u could stop by mine too www.fashionitekture.blogspot.com