Look at her outfit....


Everytime I go to London, there is always that one lady or chap that seems to stand out. Whilst walking around boots I saw this lady and loved her outfit...I felt a bit odd asking if I could take her picture. I was thinking 'What if she says oh bug off!' Lol funny enough she was rather nice. Now onto her outfit. Simple but nicely stated with hints of androgyny. The blazer and the boots really do it for me and I guess the bowler hat and gold collar tips give a victorian / vintage feel to the outfit which I really like. 

The second outfit is a bit more girly and sophisticated. I love how she's paired some lovely neutrals with an edgy black. The lace detailing on the blouse makes the look elegant and sweet. Pairing it with a coral ruffled skirt was a great idea! She's definitely in vogue with spring's current fashion trends. The high waisted skirt gives the illusion of shape, which we all love to play around with. All in all the outfit is pretty dope. Black heels were an excellent choice it gives her legs length. 

Which outfit do you prefer...? 


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