HOW TO: Statement Pieces


Hey dolls,

So I haven't really updated much lately as I have been quite busy with school work and all but not to worry I have a lot of interesting videos with nice concepts lined up for you. Today I went shopping and bought all things H&M. I will make a haul video tomorrow and hopefully have it posted that same day. Besides that I've been looking around for statement pieces.

Now a statement piece is an accessory that gives your outfit that ''WOW'' factor. It could be a pair of heels, a leather jacket, jewellery, or a scarf. Whatever Item you choose to achieve that all so fabulous look, you need to ensure that it has this unique and intriguing look.

For instance, I tend to use jewellery to boost up my outfit, so when looking out for new pieces I am extremely picky.  I love jewellery that possess an influenced design, perhaps from the stone or medieval ages, religion, or symbols. 

Right, now that you understand the concept, let's explore the ways in which you can find the perfect statement piece. 

1. colour 

When scouting for new jewellery I usually have in mind a colour scheme. I try to visualise my wardrobe and then pick colours based on a majority of the things I have.  I am a big fan of neutrals and nudes so a lot of my clothes are black, white, grey, cream and all other kinds of nude.  Once I've thought of the colours, I look out for things that will compliment what I have. Gold, silver and metallic jewellery are usual my go to. I rarely ever buy jewellery with bright colours on it because I find it tacky and also, I don't have many coloured clothes. 

2. shapes | design

I tend to go after crosses and triangles. Any thing shaped that way be it earrings or a necklaces are most definitely up my street.  Like I said earlier on some items you pick can have an extremely different concept like an eye or a kite, something different from the usual. Don't be afraid to pick those things, they make the outfit brave and daring :) 

3. Size 

This is important and needs to be carefully considered. You don't want to overdo it. So you need to ensure that the size corresponds with your outfit. For example if you're wearing a plain shift dress then a choker necklace would compliment that beautifully, no matter the size. So be sure to put size into consideration 

Once you've considered these three things you should be able to mix and match jewellery with clothes to create a chique, and interesting outfit. 

You can use this same technique for scarves, bags, shoes, coats and other accessories .

Remember, Colour, Shape|design and Size.

Much love . 

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