D.I.Y - Homemade cookies for Val's day ♥♥♥


Hello dolls, 

I'm sure you must all be wondering why I've made such a different post today. lol Well the reason is simple. Whenever I'm stressed or upset, I cook or bake and today I decided to make myself some lovely cookies for valentine's day. Believe it or not food is a way of calming yourself. That's why it's no surprise that we indulge in shoving spoons of ice-cream down our throats when we: receive a break up text, lose someone special or are just extremely ticked off. In my case I don't have a valentine, and I'll be completely honest with you, it sucks cause I'm a hopeless romantic. Sitting home alone and sobbing whilst watching titanic is most definitely NOT what I had in mind. I was thinking dinner, movie, picnic - in this cold no. But, you all know what I mean. It's a day to celebrate love, joy and happiness so why spend it being sad and sulking over past issues. 

Whether, you're single, val-less or just grumpy these cookies will HEAL you! I promise. They are so tasty that you're most likely to forget what was making you cry for days upon days. And the best part, you are making them, so you can exercise all that pain and anger you feel into beating those eggs and whipping the butter. What better a way to release your anger. 

So quit sulking put on your oven mittens and get baking! 


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