Something to talk about...


Hello dolls,

So as of recent, the weather's been dreadful; icy wind today and heavy showers the next I really can't keep up anymore. My mood has a lot to do with the weather so I will need spring to show up a little sooner.

Asides British weather's bipolar tendencies, I've been pretty good. I know I'm rather late but Halloween was 'OH SO MUCH FUN' besides when the front door to my house got egged (when they SMASH eggs on your door) by a couple of miniature scoundrels. I also had the privilege of watching the latest movie in the bond sequel and it was BONDTASTIC! Daniel Craig did an excellent job with the role and had me gripping the edge of my seat for most of the movie; and can I just add that he is one yummy looking man - he had my inner goddess pirouetting through the intense scenes.

Now on to the more important things before I lose myself to the thought of Daniel Craig and I in a steaming shower 'AMEN'. I've been busy a lot lately keeping up with work and school which I'm sure most of you understand is very time consuming, so I really am sorry for not updating this blog as much as I'd like. I've been posed with creating a magazine and as any of you can imagine trying to achieve this task in a group of four is nerve wracking especially when you're the perfectionist who must have input in every single aspect. I won't tell you it's gruesome because I feel like Alexandra Shulman sitting at the head of a white oak wood table filled with page plans and mood boards, and shuffling all these ideas to fill up hundreds of pages which, to you is known as Vogue. So when I'm not sitting in front of my camera talking to all you wonderful and beautiful people...I'm busy impersonating Alexandra Shulman. Cool huh? 

Well... now that I've updated you guys on what's new - even though I'm very boring - I can let you all get a long with your day. Whatever it is you're doing. DO. IT. WELL. 


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